Real Life

I've been feeling so emotional lately, and it's really starting to drive me crazy, people. I'm realizing that when  you never take the time to shake your demons, you carry them. You carry them, you hold them, you wallow in them, you live and breathe them.  

I am going to Spain !! (I just saw one of my last posts announced that I was going to Iceland ...and now today, almost a full year later, I'm announcing Spain now. Face palm). I'll post pics of my trip this time. What is it about international travel that feels so enriching. I find... Continue Reading →

Hi, it’s me

Ok, it's been awhile...wasn't even sure how to log into the site anymore. Bad. But hey, my blog, my rules, right? Ha. Good cover. much has happened, yet in some ways, so many things have stayed the same. Is that life or just my life? I was lightly thinking of late I should change... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Opportunities

Are you making any new year resolutions? I generally don't use the new year as the time to make changes, perhaps because I imagine most resolutions fall to the way side, almost as if this is what you do. It's the standard, resolve to do X and then you proceed to get really enthusiastic about... Continue Reading →


I've been slacking on the blogging, but here's a short list of things I've been doing... I took a workshop in kombucha making, so I now have visions of this endless fountain of probiotics flowing in my very own kitchen. I have started, but I started two days ago and have not to report yet... Continue Reading →

Leftovers – not my favourite meal

I was thinking about the various characters I've met over the years. I once dated a man who was a great boyfriend on paper. He checked so many boxes, let's say. He was athletic and creative, responsible and a great cook, domestic, smart, he was loving and affectionate. Yet, after just a few months together,... Continue Reading →

Friday afternoon thoughts

I wonder sometimes if I am on track with my life. On track by whose standards would be my next question, but that low lying feeling like I'm falling behind my peers or not striving for more or for better, and in all areas of my life. I feel I live a pretty comfortable life... Continue Reading →

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