Fresh page in a new book

freeimage-17828902-web.jpgI feel incredibly excited to start this blog. I’m asking myself, where to begin, where to end, what to put in the middle.

I do know the last time I blogged was about two years ago, which legitimately feels like a lifetime ago. I was reading through the posts on a blog that I had started while I was dating someone and I started to feel this relationship breakdown, which in hindsight could be called a cheap form of therapy. I felt pangs of embarrassment as I read back those blog posts as there’s something a bit frightening and yet liberating about sharing a part of yourself to strangers that would normally be reserved for friends and family or no one for matter.

I want to blog about myself and my life, blog about recipes, places I visit, about relationships, dreams and fears – many, many things.

I will conclude this post with this thought; one aspect of blogging that I find so appealing is this idea of forming connections, either on a superficial or a deep level, with total strangers that could be living on the other side of the world. Blog posts have the ability to bring people together who want to share their opinions and ideas — to me, it makes our differences less apparent and that gives me a sense of belonging, which is something we all need.


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