Live your truth, said someone smart

freeimage-19063593-webNowadays there’s an inspirational quote for everything. You want to live your truth; you want to be the rainbow, not the cloud; be present; learn through your mistakes; love using your heart, not your head – hey, you name it, it has probably already been written and nicely mounted on a picture of a sunset, mountain top or a beautiful body of water.

I don’t know about you, but I am inspired when I read these types of quotes. It’s comforting to know that others are experiencing and have experienced the same emotions, been in the same situations. It’s like having a wise old owl at our fingertips, ready to give us the advice we needed to hear and delivered just at the right moment. Disney style!

I was texting a friend today about the highs and lows of dating. He is dating someone new and it’s going very well, he says, but he expressed hesitation in fully letting himself go, perhaps afraid of getting hurt. He exclaimed, Damnit, keep me grounded, Wendy!! But it’s true that you can’t ever experience the thrill of getting to know someone romantically without first deciding to take the risk of being hurt (man, is that an inspirational quote?). It’s the same for pretty much everything in life – you need to take risks in order to receive rewards. Big risks may reap big rewards.

I decided to take a new approach with my dating this time around after a few failed relationships since my ex and I broke up three years ago. I took away the requirement that he had to be relationship ready, and this was a basic requirement that I had long held onto because why waste my time on someone who wants something casual when I was finally in a place to develop something meaningful. But I can’t deny that this very requirement had put undue stress on my developing relationships in the past. After a month or so, I would develop this nagging feeling that I had to know if this was going the distance or not. It was suffocating and it had caused me a lot of unnecessary anxiety, so now my approach is to enjoy my time together and to make the best of the moments I share with him because the truth is that I may never have another significant relationship. And having to write that is painful because I want to give and receive love, but it’s a reality I am learning to accept. I may never find myself in another committed relationship. O-M-G. Or a drink. Maybe an inspirational quote about drinking?

So yeah, inspirational quotes are good reminders that our perspectives and perceptions and attitudes have an impact on our overall emotional well-being. These feelings won’t last forever; they’re temporary. Like when you don’t get the promotion you had your eye on, when you feel lonely and wonder if you’re good enough or when you have mommy guilt. These experiences are not unique. Life goes on and the billions of others who’ve gone through it can attest to that. Does that make it less painful or insignificant? -no. Does it make you feel a little bit better. -maybe, hopefully.

Do you get inspired by quotes? What or who inspires you?

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