Recap of my week in pics

I had a great week overall, probably one of the best in awhile for a variety of reasons. I recommitted to going to the gym every day as I had let go of that routine after my vacation in August and not even sure why because I need the outlet. I know that. I also cooked at home pretty much all week and made a stir fry every day. Love a stir fry!! I also volunteered as a first aid at an Inside Ride event taking place at work. Funds raised go toward research for childhood cancers. I also put my baking skills to use and volunteered to contribute a dessert for a separate work event. I wasn’t 100% pleased with the results but I wasn’t going to make more. Lol.  I topped off my work week with dinner at my friend’s. We ate, we talked, we laughed. Our time always passes by so quickly when we are together; so simple yet so lovely.

This weekend my daughter returned to me and we set out to do our thang. We hit the library Saturday morning. My daughter has been exclaiming how she loves reading, which is such a pleasure to hear. We also bought some Korean beauty masks to try out and I now feel that much more Korean and beautiful! And today I’m going to bake a cake to bring to my parents and finally meet my brother’s wife in person. She and my brother have been waiting the last year+ for her to receive her immigration status that would allow her to move to Canada.


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