Girls Night Out

Lately, I’ve felt like staying home, even on the evenings I don’t have my daughter. But I reached my limit the other day, so I rang up my girl to see if she wanted to go out last night for an adult beverage in an adult setting. Survey says, YASSSSS !

By nature I’m an introvert, so I go through phases where I’ll happily spend my evenings at home, alone. As a single person, I often have to force myself to go out and be social simply because I understand that I need friends. That expression how men will come and go but your friends will always remain is a lie – you need to put in the time to nurture and grow those friendships otherwise they’ll disappear too !

So my girlfriend and I went for cocktails and some nibbles at the popular Andaz hotel in the Byward Market. The hotel has a beautiful rooftop restaurant and terrace, Copper Spirits and Sights. It’s gorgeous, day or night. Can’t think of any other restaurant/bar in Ottawa with a rooftop patio such as theirs, and it’s very popular as you can imagine.

We laughed so hard we cried. Such a great evening catching up with my friend.

Do you have a favourite spot to go out with friends?

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