As a part-time single parent, I can often feel stretched on the weeks I have my daughter. Granted, my daughter is at an age where she’s more independent, but she still requires a lot of guidance, my time, my empathy and my patience.

Tonight we had a disagreement about dinner – usually we don’t encounter issues about meals (I’ve conditioned her from a young age to eat the foods I enjoy!), but tonight she didn’t want saffron rice, she wanted plain white rice. She cried, she sulked, she gagged. It was very dramatic, whereas I wasn’t in the mood for theatrics. I know it’s not fair, but my mind automatically goes back to when I was a child when I hear her complaints. If I had demanded white rice or demanded any food of a particular colour, I probably would have been sent to bed without dinner! I just didn’t go there.

So after some time in her room to reflect on her actions, she presented me with an apology letter.


I appreciated the thought that went into this – we hugged it out and resumed our evening ❤️

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  1. Ha! Made me giggle -I get such letters all the time – but they are mainly hate/angry notes of children upset with me and telling me what I did wrong. This is so precious. Please save her writing to show her in adulthood.


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