Softly, deftly, music shall caress you

I went to Cameron Mackintosh’s production of Phantom of the Opera last night at the National Arts Centre. The show has been running in Ottawa since October 18 and ends tomorrow.


I had not seen any production of Phantom before, so I am not able to fairly compare it to another production, but it’s receiving positive reviews. I thought the quality of singing was fabulous and the set design, just stellar, plus I did not see many empty seats.

I had a really strong cocktail at Le Cafe. Is that blog-worthy? I was warned that it was really good 🙂

I started wondering what the performers did on their time off since they’re likely not from Ottawa – any ideas?

Totally off topic, can I get something off my chest. So this morning I went to grab a pair of socks from my daughter’s dresser. I took a pair out, brought them downstairs, turned around and did something, then came back to put them on. As I grabbed one to slide it on, I did a double take in disbelief, probably said a few expletives.


And this is why my kid shouldn’t have access to scissors. I couldn’t even imagine why something like this happens.

Thank you for listening – now to go back to Friday night, there was the coolest piece of art located in the main lobby of the National Arts Centre. It’s titled CLOUD (by Caitland r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett). It’s an interactive piece that is composed of 6,000 light bulbs and has dozen of strings that turn lights on and off. So pretty and memorable. I just loved it.







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