Catch up


The week got away from me, I will try to keep do a bit of a catch up and attempt to keep up the daily blogging.

The highlight of my week was seeing Semperoper Ballett Dresden perform Swan Lake at the National Arts Centre. So divine. Is there anything more elegant and graceful as a ballerina? It was a beautiful performance and imagine how we almost missed the performance too. We thought the tickets were for Friday. On Thursday afternoon, a friend happened to ask me where we were sitting, so I consulted my show companion who looked at our tickets and o-m-g, this is where he saw that the tickets were for Thursday evening, not Friday. So after a few calls, outfit changes and driving around, we made it to the show!

Waiting patiently in our seats for the performance of Swan Lake to begin 

Earlier in the week I took my daughter for another orthodontic consultation. She’s had braces once already to correct an underbite, but it’ll take a second round to straighten the teeth and correct some gaps. I feel poorer already!!!


On Friday night I went out with some girlfriends, one of whom won tickets to Absolute Comedy. The performers were good overall, but more so, it was a great chance to catch up with the girls.


Saturday I felt pretty tired and ended up resting quite a bit as I  started coming down with a cold on Friday. , so I did the bare minimum. Made some soup, and brought it over to my friend’s and we watched Captain Phillips on Netlflix. Did you see this movie? I thought it was interesting and it kept my attention, but if I had to offer a criticism, it’s a little one dimensional. I thought they could have further developed the characters, especially the captain, but it is a pretty incredible story.


Sunday I prepared for my daughter’s upcoming birthday – I bought her a birthday card, some wrapping paper, a few little gifts and ingredients to bake her a cake. I love layer cakes, I think they are so pretty, but as a family of two, we don’t need a big ol’ three layer cake hanging around the house because we all know who will eat said three layer cake! -me.

I found these awesome six-inch cake pans at Homesense and drew my inspiration from a recipe I found online for a three-layered, funfetti style cake. The thought of a mini, three layer cake sounded DIVINE to me, so I was really happy to have found those pans! I can’t wait to slice into this bad boy and see the layers and colours!

A six-inch three layer sprinkle cake with vanilla buttercream !




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