Love for a Child

On this day 12 years ago I gave birth to my daughter, my first and only child. And imagine how she shares the same birthday as her paternal grandfather who passed away years ago, long before she was born.

I wonder what that felt like for my daughter’s father to have a child born on the same day as his father, a father who been taken away from him as a teenager to a brain tumour and a pain that he carries to this day. It wasn’t a question I could ask him at the time, I don’t think he could have articulated in a way that would have satisfied me to be honest.

As someone who cannot ignore this type of coincidence, I would feel this is somehow his father’s way of returning to earth, to give the gift of love through this child, the same powerful love that he felt for him. But that’s how my brain works — I realize others would just brush it off without looking for any significance or see it as a sign.

I do believe a parent’s love for a child is limitless, it’s powerful and unwavering. I love my daughter unconditionally.

I try to remind myself that we were all once a child, we are all children to our parents, we all deserve to feel this love, even in our adulthood, long after our parents are gone from this earth.

I strive to love myself in this way. I strive to love other with this type of strength and intensity. We all deserve this type of love, all of us.






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  1. Here are more coincidences: Nov 13 is also my husband’s birthday, as well as his mother’s! I know that when she was still alive, they had great joy in celebrating together! so I definitely get what you are saying.

    The love for our children ….

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