What I remember from the last year

I was thinking today, very quickly and in passing, the highlights or lowlights of the last year. I mean, what stands out to me — I struggled a bit to think of things that would be “interesting,” but if I was truly honest with myself, what would I say I remember most about the last 365 days and why.


I remember getting my heart broken. I was dating a guy about a year ago who decided he didn’t want a relationship with me after dating for several months, but he told me only after I had asked him for the third time if he saw us moving toward an exclusive relationship. When I asked him why he didn’t just come out and tell me in the first place after I brought up the subject repeatedly, he said he knew that “this” would happen (I’d end it). From then on, I knew I’d never go out with him again, the trust we had built was broken. And the hard part to accept was that I connected really well with him on many levels, but in hindsight, we are very different people. I love with my entire being, I am a hopeless romantic through and through. I need someone who accepts my love and can reciprocate. I am an optimist, I believe in doing good, spreading happiness and love and acceptance, building up others in positive, healthy ways. He wasn’t strong enough to accept someone like me into his life, and that’s okay.


I remember taking a road trip to New York State with my daughter this past summer. I hadn’t ever driven to the US by myself, so I felt like I achieved a milestone. I didn’t think I could do it (I doubted my navigation skills, always relied on my ex to do the long haul driving while we were together and taking trips), but then my daughter asked if we could take this trip and I said, why not! And you know what, it was super amazing! My anxieties disappeared and now I  need to take more road trips !


I remember I was so scared for my daughter to start taking public transit to a new school this fall. I probably had a few sleepless nights last summer thinking about it and then thinking some more about it. But she takes the bus now like a boss and I just shake my head for ever doubting she was capable. Silly me.


I remember winning an iPad mini at an event I went to last fall. I remember strategically placing all of my raffle tickets in the one ballot box for the iPad, thinking no one will go for the iPad because everyone already has one (except for me that is). I thought I was a real evil genius with that plan. And I was, because I won ! Ha. But I didn’t tell you the part where I placed the first half of my entries in the ballot box without actually separating the string of tickets. Then I realized what I had done (and saw that my friend had also done the same thing – guess that’s why we are friends?), so I made sure to individualize the remaining half of my tickets. Whatever happened is history though because I took that bad boy home with me and surprised my daughter!


I remember countless conversations with girlfriends about dating and relationships and dating and relationships and dating ❤ Can’t ever over discuss those topics !!!


I remember I signed up with Match.com and went six months without meeting a single guy and then in the last few weeks before my account expired, I met a guy. I remember thinking he’s so interesting and smart, gentle yet masculine. I remember thinking, he’s so tall and easy to talk to. After that first date, I remember going out with him on many occasions and sitting on a patio while talking for hours about all sorts of things. I remember never wanting it to end, the evening and the feeling. Oh yes! I remember.






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  1. 🙂 What a sweet post. It’s great to highlight all of the good things (and reflect on the not-so-good) over the course of a year. It’s refreshing to see this type of post sometime other than the last week of December, too. I remember my second boyfriend and I were together for like 7 months or something but it wasn’t really going anywhere after month 1. I kept the relationship thinking there wasn’t anyone better — silly me!!!

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