It’s that time of year again, folks. Holidays shopping has begun !

I am ahead this year and have bought some gifts already – I bought a really awesome spiralizer from Juicerville and bought three more to give out as gifts this year. I love it that much!





I also bought a couple of Christmas ornaments in New York this past summer, which I had forgotten about until my daughter reminded me.

I also bought my dad one of those brain puzzle figures made out of blocks from Mrs. Tiggywinkles. I’m not sure it has a name.






I don’t know how it worked in your family growing up, but I recall every year my mom would plunk down the Sear’s Christmas catalogue in front of us kids and ask us to build a Christmas list. Then we’d each spend hours scouring the pages, dreaming of shiny new toys and cozy Christmas print pyjamas that have the power to make you feel extra special.

Nowadays kids have access to the Internet, so the sky is the limit. I swear, it’s a dangerous, dangerous tool for a child to have this thing we call the world wide web at their fingers tips.


Exhibit A.



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