Friday afternoon thoughts

I wonder sometimes if I am on track with my life. On track by whose standards would be my next question, but that low lying feeling like I’m falling behind my peers or not striving for more or for better, and in all areas of my life.

I feel I live a pretty comfortable life at the moment. I don’t have any major pains, just the usual ones that most are dealing with on the day to day. I’m not struggling to make ends meet. I have great friends. I have my health.

I just ask myself (in a very realistic way) if I am going after life or is life just going. Ha. Is living a happy life ‘enough’ or am I supposed to be achieving more, earning more, living more, learning more, seeing more, doing more, etc.

Have I settled into a comfortable way of life? And even if I have, is there anything wrong with that? Is that enough for me? If it’s not enough, what do I want?


Is this just me or does everyone occasionally have these same thoughts?



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