I’ve been slacking on the blogging, but here’s a short list of things I’ve been doing…

I took a workshop in kombucha making, so I now have visions of this endless fountain of probiotics flowing in my very own kitchen. I have started, but I started two days ago and have not to report yet other than I’m patiently waiting for the batch to ferment.

I saw Diana Krall perform in town. I went with some girlfriends and made an evening out of it. It was fun to get ready together, drink wine, chat, and then go for a few drinks afterward! It’s so important to me to give my time and effort into my friendships. These are the folks who you want to be around when you’re celebrating and when you’re hurting, but if you don’t nurture these relationships, too often they cease to exist.

I saw Swan Lake and the Nutcracker, both were amazing and for very different reasons, but I can say that both captured the imagination, grace and beauty of the dancers. Swan Lake I went to go see with my date and for the Nutcracker I had brought along my daughter with us. Amazing!

I’m back to skating. This past weekend I went to the outdoor rink that’s maintained at City Hall. This rink is temperature controlled, so the ice quality is amazing all of the time. I think it can withstand several days up to 12C before the quality of the ice starts to deteriorate. A couple of nights ago I skated at the temporary rink built on Parliament Hill for Canada150 – that was fantastic, although coooooollllllllld. So cold.

I started Instagram posting for my date’s e-commerce business, just a couple of posts per day and I have to say, it is so fun. I love creating what I think to be fun and interesting posts about health and nutrition and trying to think of ways to inspire healthy living. I am thinking opening another IG account just to have another creative outlet!

And there you have it…this is what I’ve been up to 🙂

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    1. I adore Instagram – I have my own personal account and it’s such an easy and accessible form of social media, definitely my favourite. I would recommend trying! Let me know if you do as I’d love to follow you 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂 You need to buy a scoby and then you’re ready to get started. It seems to me most local brewers will sell you one and provided it stays healthy, you can reuse this scoby for all of your future batches, it’ll grow, you can cut off some and grow new ones, share with friends, etc. The process itself seems very easy and for ingredients, you need just a scoby, black tea, sugar. but I’m still mid-ferment (takes a couple of weeks). I will document the whole process and post it once I have the finished product! Crossing my fingers it turns out and that I don’t need to start over 🙂

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