New Year, New Opportunities

Are you making any new year resolutions? I generally don’t use the new year as the time to make changes, perhaps because I imagine most resolutions fall to the way side, almost as if this is what you do.

It’s the standard, resolve to do X and then you proceed to get really enthusiastic about it for about a month and then you’re like, fuck it. And you hope you didn’t tell a lot of people or litter your social media feed with your big plans, so your friends and family don’t ask you how it’s going !!

I am more the type that if I want to make a change or want to do something, I just do it.

That said, here are four intentions for the coming year (am I just calling it by a different name now?).

Trip! I will take a trip, maybe several. I didn’t have the ability to take many trips abroad while I was with my ex for financial reasons and for other reasons not worth mentioning on here, but now I have the desire and freedom to do so.

Health! My health is a priority, so that means I am exercising regularly, eating well, learning more, not stressing, letting go, accepting and making my needs and desires and dreams a priority.

Relationship! To not lose sight of what I want in a relationship and remind myself that a relationship is meant to enhance your life, not complicate it. I will be treated with care, reminded how special I am and made to feel treasured. I deserve a man who is equally invested as me.

Parenting! I will be more patient, more understanding, more firm. I am capable.

Work! I will find more ways to be creative and flex my brain. I won’t let myself fall into auto-pilot mode in my primary job.


Any plans for 2018? Big or small, they all count.






3 thoughts on “New Year, New Opportunities

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  1. I wish you the best in all of these endeavors! Writing them out is step one. 🙂 2018 is the year I get through my clinicals, plan a wedding, grow more in my current job, visit my grandparents in the east coast, and present a poster at a conference in Washington state (while visiting my godmother). Listing that out feels overwhelming but it always seems impossible until it is done!


    1. Wow, when I read that I think, how exciting!! You’ll make it all happen and that’s what is so amazing – rarely do things ever just “happen” to us.

      I said this to my date the other day, I feel like my life just keeps on getting better and better. And it’s true, it does. I feel more free to be myself, to live my life and give myself permission to be happy, which for years was such a challenge for me.

      Cheers to the new year 🙂

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