I’m going to Iceland !!!!!

I’m going to Iceland !!!!!!!!!!!

WOW Air is having a seat sale today – cheap flights from Canada to Europe and Iceland. Today it’s 50% off and fly by May 2018.

My friend Catherine asked me, WOW is having a 50% off sale today, so do you want to go to Iceland with me in May?

Me: Ok sure !

Done and done.

So fun!!!

I had my mind on a quickie trip at some point early in the year, but those quickie trips with the price of airfare can be hard to digest. Problem solved with this discounted airfare and a travel companion with whom I can share the costs.

And imagine how my date  JUST flew home to Europe using WOW and had passed  through ICELAND. He said WOW was definitely a positive experience.

My friend Catherine has also flown WOW and had a positive review.

Merry Christmas to us.



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