Hi, it’s me

photo-1481833761820-0509d3217039Ok, it’s been awhile…wasn’t even sure how to log into the site anymore. Bad. But hey, my blog, my rules, right? Ha. Good cover.

Well…so much has happened, yet in some ways, so many things have stayed the same. Is that life or just my life?

I was lightly thinking of late I should change the content in this blog to be about dating and relationships – I say that because my friend and I have long had this business concept of creating a company that offers online dating profile assistance to all of those single folks out there in need of a helping hand. It’s not easy dating online, that I know from my own experience, but the most difficult part is attracting the kind of man or woman who you could actually see yourself with. Lots of others hanging around, no doubt about that, but I am certain there’s a way to narrow that pool of daters and be left with a handful of legitimately compatible singles.

I strongly believe it starts with a dating profile. I really do.

I want to work on this business, but now choosing to do this solo vs. with my friend. He doesn’t have the time, nor the same drive for it as me. 2019 will be the year. My year.

Are you with me?

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