It's that time of year again, folks. Holidays shopping has begun ! I am ahead this year and have bought some gifts already - I bought a really awesome spiralizer from Juicerville and bought three more to give out as gifts this year. I love it that much!       I also bought a... Continue Reading →


I have two brothers, both older, we are separated by four years, so the eldest is 50. Shit, that sounds old, but in a lot of ways, his lifestyle would suggest that he's the youngest among the three of us, so carefree and laissez-faire. Not the kind of life I want for myself though. With... Continue Reading →

Tuesday, November 14

Things to look forward to ... -My birthday !! (I'm exaggerating a little bit here as I've never been one to really whoop it up at my birthday, prefer a low-key approach) -Diana Krall in concert in a few weeks. (Making this one a girls night out) -Kombucha making workshop. (I love me some booch,... Continue Reading →

Love for a Child

On this day 12 years ago I gave birth to my daughter, my first and only child. And imagine how she shares the same birthday as her paternal grandfather who passed away years ago, long before she was born. I wonder what that felt like for my daughter's father to have a child born on... Continue Reading →

Catch up

  The week got away from me, I will try to keep do a bit of a catch up and attempt to keep up the daily blogging. The highlight of my week was seeing Semperoper Ballett Dresden perform Swan Lake at the National Arts Centre. So divine. Is there anything more elegant and graceful as... Continue Reading →


My ex and I have been apart now for just over three years. Looking back, those three years went by so quickly, it's hard to keep track of the time. I think that's what people say when they reach a certain age, right? Regardless, these last three years have been my best. I have gained... Continue Reading →

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